Audi AG to Purchase Silvercar


A recent move by Audi AG left some people scratching their heads. It didnt concern a new model or new tech feature. Rather, it was the acquisition of an Austin-based ride-sharing company called Silvercar. Whats behind the move, and what might it mean for drivers around Los Angeles, CA? Keyes Audi Valencia reads the tea leaves.


Since youre likely already familiar with Audi cars, lets look at Silvercar first. Announcing the proposed buyout (which is pending regulatory approval), Jalopnik characterized Silvercar as a Car Rental Service With Cars That Arent Horrible,noting that Silvercars inventory consists exclusively of the Audi A4. The two companies have a partnership that stretches back to 2012, so this move didnt exactly come as a bolt from the blue.


The deeper question, however, is why Silvercar, and why now?


For starters, the nature of car ownership is changing, driven by a number of factors:

    More people living in cities with access to mass transit

    More millennials coming of age

    Ride-sharing companies like Silvercar becoming more popular

    Ride services like Uber gaining traction


Those ownership numbers could take another hit in the near future. Most auto companies, Audi AG included, are pursuing autonomous vehicle technology, with many looking at the early 2020s as their target date. The technology wont catch on right away, but when it does, its expected to erode ownership even further. Cars could well become an on-demand item, rented when needed and not thought of the rest of the time.


Viewed in that light, this is a bit of future-proofing. The acquisition of a ride-sharing service positions Audi to seamlessly transition to a new model of car and SUV use that looks like its just over the horizon.


Of course, in many other ways design, technology, safety, and more the future is now, at least as far as your Audi dealership near Los Angeles is concerned. Visit Keyes Audi Valencia at 23923 Creekside Rd in Valencia, CA today to see the best new Audi cars. 

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