Audi "Daughter" Super Bowl Ad

Monday's talk around the water cooler at Keyes Audi Valencia was the same as it was around Santa Monica and across most of America. After all, Super Bowl LI will undoubtedly be remembered as one of history's most thrilling (or disappointing, depending on which team you'd bet on). If you weren't getting up to stretch your legs, vacuum pretzel crumbs off your jersey, or refill the guacamole, you probably also saw the Audi advertisement that sparked nearly as much discussion as the Patriots' improbable comeback.

The advertisement, titled "Daughter," was voiced by George Clooney. In case you missed it, it featured a young girl driving her way to victory in a soapbox derby car while Clooney's narrator voiced the simple hope that our daughters would grow up to know their worth. The tagline was equally simple: "Progress is for everyone."

If we may editorialize for a moment: Anyone who's the parent of a daughter wants her to grow up to feel loved, to know her worth, and to know that her potential in life is limitless. None of this is, or should be, controversial. The Audi brand doesn't just make "cars for men," or what we've heard dismissively referred to as "women's cars." Your Audi A4 or Audi Q5 doesn't know your gender and wouldn’t care anyhow. It's engineered to give you an amazing drive and plenty of goosebumps regardless.

So here's a public service announcement of sorts from your Audi dealership near Santa Monica. At a time when nearly everything seems to have been touched, or spoiled, by politics, we think it's important to leave the politics aside and just give you a friendly reminder: whatever brings you to 23923 Creekside Rd in Valencia, CA and to Keyes Audi Valencia -- the need for a new or used Audi car or SUV, parts, or service -- and whoever you are, you're welcome (and valued) here. Audi cars, like the progress they represent, are for everyone.


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