Understanding How Active Safety Works to Keep Drivers Safe

At one time or another, we’ve all heard tales of someone who got into a car accident because they decided to engage cruise control and then apply their makeup, talk to their passengers, or read the morning paper. These aren’t just urban legends; a recent report in USA Today, citing a study by AAA, says that accidents are on the rise not in spite of active safety features, but because of them. Because all of us at Audi Valencia want you to stay safe, we want to take a minute to talk about what active safety features are for, and their limitations.

There are three main categories of active safety equipment flagged as potential trouble spots.

• Blind-spot monitoring: In real-world use, blind-spot monitoring in your Audi A4 is meant to warn you if there’s a vehicle, pedestrian, or bike where you can’t see it. It’s meant to augment your sense of sight, not replace it. Make sure you keep an eye out for surrounding hazards, especially when changing lanes. 

• Forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking: FCW lets you know when you’re getting too close to another vehicle, and AEB is meant to mitigate the effects of a crash by braking before the driver can react. Maintain a safe following distance and pay attention to your surroundings so you’re avoiding collisions — including rear collisions — that an automated system can’t always prevent. 

• Adaptive cruise control: Even though adaptive cruise control is designed to keep pace with traffic, accelerating and braking as the cars around you do the same, it’s not actually driving your car. That’s still up to you, so don’t decide to do a crossword while you’re tooling down the freeway. 

On balance, better active safety is a good thing. But the most important piece of active safety equipment is located between your ears. Your new Audi car, with its solid construction and ample safety features, is built to keep you safe, but you’ve still got to stay alert. For more help getting the most out of your vehicle and all its features, visit Audi Valencia at 23923 Creekside Rd today.
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