Top-Rated Safety Features in Audi Automobiles

Over the course of the last few years, Audi has put in a considerable amount of time and has undertaken considerable expense, all in an effort to make their lauded luxury vehicles among the safest in the industry. Audi models are expected to bring customers in and around Ventura, CA the highest-quality safety technologies available, and here at Audi Valencia, we count these three among the best and most essential:

Adaptive Cruise Control

Everyone knows how helpful cruise control can be, but one problem with setting an automatic speed is that the vehicle can’t always adapt when traffic comes to a slow or stop ahead. Adaptive cruise control changes that by using radar to slow down or speed up a car on cruise control based on traffic conditions.

Audi Pre-Sense

The Audi Pre-Sense feature is exactly what it reads like. These features work together to predict potentially dangerous situations and allow the car to adapt to them. Whether it is vehicles or even pedestrians that pose a potential threat, this feature can offer a warning and even apply brake pressure if need be.

Audi Active Lane Assist

Distracted and/or drowsy driving is a massive problem in the U.S., which is why Audi Active Lane Assist is so important. It ensures that a vehicle stays in its lane, so that one momentary lapse of judgement or drooping of the head doesn't have to necessarily result in a life-threatening accident. Staying awake and alert is always best, but it's nice to know a vehicle has the driver's back.

Together, these features keep Audi drivers safe, and their passengers stay safe, too. If you would like a closer look at this safety technology in our new and certified pre-owned Audi vehicles, come pay us a visit here at Audi Valencia any time. As your Valencia Audi dealership, we want the best for you, and a big part of that means offering top-rate safety features like these.
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