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Knowing when it’s time to replace your brake pads is, like many other service items related to your new Audi A4, a matter that depends entirely on how you drive your vehicle. You may be able to get some general guidelines as to when this service is recommended, but 50,000 miles of driving time is not created equally. If your commutes involve long stretches of smooth highway driving, those miles are going to be easier on your brakes than they would be if you spent a lot of time driving in town or in stop-and-go traffic.

In other words, sometimes it’s best to just consult your Audi service technician to get a sense of how your brake pads are doing. If you are taking your vehicle in for regular maintenance (like tire rotations and oil changes), that’s a perfect time to have a tech inspect your brakes. What you don’t want is for the brake pads to wear out and screech against the rotors, because that means you could face not only brake pad replacement but also rotor replacement—a much pricier undertaking.

And should you miss those service appointments, the second you feel or hear squeaking, squealing, metal-on-metal noises coming from your wheel wells, it is your responsibility to get that vehicle to the good people at Audi Valencia immediately so we can swap out the offending old Audi parts with new ones. It means you’ve already waited too long, and repairs are required immediately lest you cause further damage to your rotors.

At the end of the day, drivers in and around Los Angeles, CA are dealing with traffic unlike any other place in the country, which means our technicians see plenty of brake pads in need of replacement. If you think this might be something you need, schedule a service appointment and our professionals will ensure your brakes work as Audi intended.
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