Why You Should Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Audi Model

Every year, scores of Audi Valencia customers labor over whether to buy a brand-new vehicle or save some money by going with a used model. The pros and cons of each are fairly obvious, but cost, reliability, and longevity of the vehicle are among the most common. What it essentially boils down to is whether a customer wants to spend more money to take home a new car. It is a legitimately difficult debate.

However, one option that we offer here at Audi Valencia is our impressive selection of certified pre-owned Audi cars for sale, which provide more security and warranty protection than a traditional used car but are available for a cost significantly lower than something purchased right off the manufacturing line.

The biggest difference between a certified pre-owned Audi SUV or car and a traditional used vehicle is that CPO models must be from the last few model years and also must undergo an extensive 300-point vehicle inspection that ensures everything is still up to the strict standard Audi sets for its automobiles. And if something turns out to be awry, professional Audi service technicians will correct any issues with genuine Audi parts.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, the original warranty transfers to the new owner. The Audi CPO program offers five years and unlimited miles of coverage from the car's original sale date, meaning you get to enjoy the same great warranty coverage as the person who originally purchased the vehicle.

If you are in the Los Angeles, CA area and are looking for a great deal on a luxury vehicle without sacrificing quality or warranty coverage, consider one of the certified pre-owned vehicles in our inventory here at Audi Valencia.
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