Why Gap Insurance is Important for Audi Owners

Nobody wants to believe they will ever end up in an automotive accident. And while advanced safety features are helping to lower the probability of major crashes, there still is a chance that your beloved Audi automobile could get totaled when you least expect it.

In a perfect situation, everybody involved in the accident would have the proper insurance, so if the accident leaves you with a total loss, a check from an insurance provider will arrive in the mail promptly and allow you to get yourself a new vehicle, whether that be a brand new Audi model or a certified pre-owned Audi vehicle.

Sometimes, though, that doesn't happen, and that's why gap insurance exists.

The worst-case scenario is that your vehicle is totaled at a time when you owe more on your loan than the vehicle is actually worth. Many vehicles depreciate in value by up to 30 percent in the first year, which means this type of scenario absolutely is possible. Gap insurance makes sure you get a payout for the full amount you owe on the vehicle, regardless of how the vehicle appraises. Nothing is worse than turning over the entirety of that insurance check to your financial institution only to discover you still owe them more money during a time when you have to consider a brand new auto loan or lease from Audi car dealers near Oxnard, CA.

If you have not yet considered gap insurance for your vehicle, this could be a good time to reach out to your insurance agent to have a chat about your coverage. They can answer all your questions, and if you need any help, the good people at Audi Valencia always are around to answer any of your questions!
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