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As any responsible automobile owner in Bakersfield, CA knows, preventative maintenance is perhaps the most important brand of maintenance one can undertake in ensuring their vehicles continue operating as expected for as long as possible. One of the things we occasionally offer at our Audi service department here at Audi Valencia is a vehicle fluid flush. While these aren’t the sort of thing that happen anywhere near as often as an oil and filter change, they can occasionally be necessary. The following is a look at which type of flushes are most common, and when you may need them.

Transmission Fluid – Most Audi models will suggest that you have your transmission fluid changed once every 30,000-35,000 miles. This means flushing out the old fluid, replacing the filter, and refilling the fluid. Transmission fluid is an oil of sorts, too, and it can go bad over time. That means replacing it is essential to keeping your car running smoothly.

Engine Coolant – Most engine coolant/antifreeze is five-to-ten-year coolant, which means flushes and changes aren’t all that common. Still, we recommend having your coolant system checked every 30,000-35,000 miles to make sure nothing’s wrong with the system. Vehicles older than the 2011 model year should have their coolant flushed every 50,000-75,000 miles.

Power Steering Fluid – Some power steering fluids advertise themselves as being good for a lifetime, but as with all things, they should be periodically checked. We do our fair share of power steering fluid flushes, which means many of these do not last necessarily last forever. A flush every 50,000-75,000 miles would help keep your car running smoothly.

As with all service items, the technicians at your Audi car dealership can talk you through options and make sure you’re doing what’s best for your vehicle. Either way, we want your vehicle to run smoothly for as long as possible, and these types of fluid flushes can help with that!
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