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When customers (or potential customers) step into Audi Valencia with their eyes on a new Audi for sale in our showroom, there are two ways they can approach the financing aspect of the transaction. They can either agree to purchase the luxury vehicle outright and set up financing to pay for it, or they can agree to lease the vehicle, which essentially amounts to a long-term rental with benefits.

So which is the best option for drivers in and around Oxnard, CA? Well, that depends entirely on the customer, but the following is a quick look at some of the pros and cons of each.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying an Audi vehicle rather than leasing a vehicle is that, eventually, the payments stop. If you’ve agreed to, say, a three-year loan, you would own the vehicle after those three years with no more payments to make beyond your annual vehicle registration and insurance premiums. If you are someone who is fine paying a little more during the financing term to enjoy the financial flexibility on the back end with a vehicle you’ll own for several years, buying is probably the better option.


The biggest boon to leasing is that the monthly payments are typically quite a bit lower than financing a vehicle would cost. It also allows people to trade out a vehicle for another brand-new vehicle just three years later. If you are the type of person that can’t stand to drive the same car for longer than that, a lease is a more affordable way to jump from car to car much more easily.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable Audi lease or a great new Audi purchase, the sales professionals at Audi Valencia can help you work the numbers and get you the luxury vehicle you’ve long dreamed of owning.
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