The most exciting part of shopping for an Audi car or SUV at Audi Valencia is going for a test drive. The goal of a test drive isn't just getting behind the wheel but to determine whether the Audi model you choose is a good fit for you and your needs. You are the only one who can make this judgment. Here are seven tips to help you make the best decision in choosing the right Audi for your needs:

  • Drive More than One Model – Finding an Audi that is a suitable fit for you is the purpose of a test drive. Buying a car requires research, and part of that research is going for a test drive.
  • Ask Questions – While it's important that you love the Audi model you wish to buy, our expert sales staff can educate you on what to expect during a test drive.
  • Drive on Local Streets and the Highway – The best strategy is to consider the driving you do regularly and see how the Audi you want can handle it.
  • Try All Interior Features – An Audi has many impressive features. Do not overlook how comfortable you feel inside the vehicle.
  • Test All Seats – Do not just sit in the driver's seat. Make sure to sit in every seat, front and back, to see how much space you have and how comfortable they are.
  • Explore the Storage and Cargo Areas – Check out how much space you have in the trunk and if it will hold all your personal items, luggage, or other packages. Also, explore the interior storage bins and pockets in the front and back.
  • Plan for Your Test Drive – Before you visit the dealership for your test drive, save time by doing your research to see which models you like. Then, call our sales team to schedule your test drive in advance.

Get started with your search from home and visit Audi Valencia to test drive models from the new Audi vehicle lineup. Contact our sales associates if you have any questions.

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